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Rocks and soils day - from £650 to a maximum £980

The course in a nutshell:

  • One day programme (typically 10am to 3pm) delivered outdoors
  • Key Stage 2 - Year 3 (Science)
  • 4 x 1 hour hands-on sessions
  • Up to 60 pupils (run as four groups of 15)

Five reasons to book a Rocks and Soils day

  • The activities are linked to the national curriculum, giving meaning to your pupils’ previous classroom learning and deepening their understanding
  • All sessions are hands-on to help deliver the science topic of ‘Rocks’ in an engaging and memorable way
  • Your pupils will enjoy being out in the school grounds, undertaking activities, handling objects and using tools that they wouldn’t normally do in the classroom
  • Your staff can take the opportunity to observe and work with the children while skilled practitioners guide the learning
  • Each pupil goes home with things to keep (e.g. a clay pot or bead they have made, a soil layer ‘cocktail’ and a gemstone) – creating a sense of achievement and providing tangible evidence of their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

 Your pupils will learn:

    • how rocks and soils are formed and what these materials can be used for
    • how fossils are formed
    • that rocks, fossils and gemstones can be identified and grouped according to their appearance or properties
    • how to find and identify different types of fossils and explain what they can tell us about plants and animals that lived in the past.
    • how to identify some precious metals and gemstones

Where does it take place?

We run the session in your school grounds

When does it take place? 

On weekdays during term time – please click 'My Request' below to complete the request form


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